Purple // Ann Taylor


Top: Ann Taylor (no longer available but I'm eyeing this embroidered version)
Jeans: H&M ($9.99!)
Sandals: Old but these are insane
Sunglasses: Prada
Lips: Stila Beso

True confession time: I still have not unpacked all my shoes from our move last year. I can give you all the excuses, but let’s just leave it at, I haven’t unpacked all my shoes yet. I finally got around to trying to empty a box and came up with several pairs that I immediately wanted to wear including this pair of white sandals. I haven’t been wearing a lot of heels lately, so a trip to Trader Joe’s seemed like a good enough reason to break them out with a pair of jeans, right?

These are one of my favorite pairs of jeans right now. They are a super comfortable pair of skinnies from H&M that have plenty of stretch and aren’t too low on the waist. Paired with a peplum embroidered top that I got from Ann Taylor earlier this year in anticipation of warmer weather and yet had not worn yet. If you remember, last year I really struggled with weather appropriate clothing when we first moved. I simply did not have that much that could be worn on an extremely hot day mostly due to the fact that I’ve been sitting in over-air conditioned offices during the summer for the last 20 years. Now that I’m working from home, upstairs, and I’m the one responsible for paying the electric bill, it’s a little warmer in my office these days. Plus on said trip to Trader Joe’s, the car was like a thousand degrees. 

These sunglasses are my daily wear because I had prescription lenses put in them, so I use them when I’m driving, but I still love wearing them all the time. And I do find myself going back to a nude lip these days as I’ve finally found an eye makeup routine that it letting me get back to my love of a smokey eye that doesn’t look age inappropriate. But today I decided to hang with the red still, and the Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick is my go to because it lasts forever but is not really drying. It’s the perfect lip for a hot day out running errands. 

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