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Stripes Again

Cardigan: Romeo and Juliet Couture (Similar)

The hair prior to the last haircut.  Far too long.  I had convinced myself that it was time to let the grey come out, but after a long and very serious discussion with my stylist, we (she) decided it wasn't right.  Since I had decided the day before to start looking for a new job, I also decided not to age myself out of the job market.  So the grey has been banished again at least for three weeks.  


New Post on FilmAnnex

I'm guest blogging over on FilmAnnex, and today I have a new post with some pointers to independent filmmakers on options for finding costumes on a budget. Remember, no one wants to see Winston Churchill in a beanie. Please take a look if you get the chance.



Cardigan: Lutz & Patmos
Dress:  Loehmann's
Tank: Old Navy
Necklace: BaubleBar

I'm sorry for my lack of recent posts, but the last ten days have resulted in huge changes in my life, and my down time has been pretty occupied with making pro and con lists and rewriting my resume.  I've mentioned before that the company where I've worked for fifteen years has spent the last twenty months preparing us for downsizing.  As a result, in mid-December, I was given a new position with a new boss and new staff.  Since then, instead of relishing a new opportunity and facing the challenge, I knew with every new day that this was a position I did not want.  Call me crazy when I spent so many months worried if I would still have a job there, but after a lot of sleepless nights and soul searching, I decided that I'd had enough, and I decided to leave the company.  I'll still be there for about another month which will probably feel like a lifetime because I'm eager to move on with the next phase of my life now.  When I had finally made the decision and submitted the paperwork, it was as if a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  Gradually, every day, I've gotten more and more excited about it.  On Saturday, I felt completely drained and basically sat in the same chair for hours and then went to bed at 9:00.  Yesterday, to take my mind off of things, the new puppy we had adopted from a rescue came home.  I will be busy with potty training, cleaning out my office, starting a job search and trying to be more focused on the things I enjoy doing instead of the things I have to do.  I said 2013 was going to be me getting back to what I like and what makes me feel comfortable, and I really meant it.



Dress: H&M
Coat: Target
Shoes: Sole Society
Earrings: Vintage Dior
Necklace: BaubleBar
Belt: Mulberry

Some time ago, the hub and A convinced me that I shouldn't wear my hair pulled back tightly any more.  They both used the terms "severe" and "strict," but I quite like it, and I've decided that 2013 is going to be all about doing and wearing what I like.  It's ironic that I'm wearing a bright, floral dress while declaring that I no longer will be making an effort to add color to my wardrobe.  It's been sometimes stressful worrying about how to add color to an outfit.  I love to wear black and white.  I'm comfortable in it.  I'm going back to it.  I love neutrals; my entire wardrobe is built around black, white, grey and tan.  This might be the year of navy; it might not.  I might wear red or orange or yellow.  I might not.  No more rules; no more shoulds.  If I like the look of something, I'm going to do it.  If I don't, I'm not.  It's as simple as that.  I might pull my hair back like this or I might go all grey, but I'm going to enjoy doing it.

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