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Shuffle / Pink

Top: TY-LR
Pants: Ann Taylor
Sandals: Old but these Topshop pumps are on my wishlist

Immediately after the reminder that I was going back to my comfort zone, this outfit happens. I did say that pink was going to be one of the colors left in the closet after I did my purge.

The cut of this TY-LR blouse is very flattering with a wide, clearly defined waist and lots of billowy pleating across the chest. I do find it runs a little large though, so you might consider sizing down.

I’ve had these Ann Taylor pants quite a while now, and they are holding up quite well. I am finding that I’m getting a little tired of the ankle length though. And of course it seems like every pair of pants I’ve kept in the wardrobe has an ankle length…

But hey, look at me back in heels. I’m extremely happy my ankle seems to be better although I wore a pair of wedges to the annual Neiman Marcus Las Vegas Beauty Blogger Brunch this weekend (pictures coming soon!) and felt a few twinges. I'll have some of the best products I saw for the holidays up in the next week or so.

I’ve completely converted to gel manicures. You might have seen my Instagram post here of my little owl for Halloween from Nohea Nails, my favorite salon in Vegas. I’ll be including them in my next favorites post. But here I’ve layered a pale pink Dior polish over my gel because I wanted a change in color halfway through. This makes the non-gel polish last longer for me then it would on its own because it has such a strong base. And since gel is basically impenetrable, I’ve even gotten away with removing one non-gel color and polishing with a second. 

I’m off on a business trip for the rest of the week, so I won’t be getting another post out this week. How is next week Thanksgiving? Have a great week everyone!

Empties / Lush, Murad, NYX

It’s time for more empties. I’ve been falling down on the job again.


I’ve had the Murad Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence in my favorites for awhile now as seen here, and I will be repurchasing soon. As I’ve said before, this is worth every penny, and I credit it with changing my skin texture dramatically over the last year. You use a sparing amount once a day, so it lasts quite a while. 


Sugar Blossom was my favorite candle all summer. I don’t enjoy floral scents in candles so was hesitant to even pick this one up in Target, but A did and told me that I would probably like it. It’s more of a sweet scent than floral, so the rest was history, but this is probably the best soy candle I’ve ever burned.


A decent concealer, it becomes even better when you consider the price point. This NYX concealer has a wide range of colors and covers well without very much creasing or falling into wrinkles. I have to remember to repurchase this one as well.


I waited until mid-year to use my Santa’s Belly because I didn’t want to be too long without it being available again. I’m not overly attached to Lush’s shower jellies, but I love the anise and fruit scent of this one. Luckily it’s already back in stock for this year, so I’ll be buying more than one to make them stretch.


I was crushed to recently find out that my beloved Oscar Blandi dry shampoo is no longer available, so I’m rolling through all the usual suspects looking for my new go-to replacement. So far, this Klorane is at the top of my list because I can live with the scent and it does the job with absorbing oil. Not a glowing review, but until I find something better, this is it. 

Altogether not a bad bunch with lots of repurchases. What did you use up last month?

Double Black / Rachel Zoe

Pants: Old but similar here
Sandals: Old but similar here
Sunglasses: Prada

So awhile ago here, I wrote about giving up on the quest to add more color into my wardrobe and going back to my comfortable and familiar color palette. That used to mean black, grey and white. However, that seemed like such a finite statement, and I felt that if I ever did wear color, like I did here, knowing the Internet, someone would call me out on it. I don’t generally care when that happens; I make decisions based on what is right for me and not anyone else, so if I do feel like wearing purple one day, I'm going to.

And it’s not as though I threw away all my clothes that weren’t black, grey or white. I did, however, go through my closet to do a little inventory, and I was actually really surprised by what I found: I don’t have nearly the amount of black clothes that I used to have, and that scares me. Like really, honestly, scared me for a moment. I just made a decision go revert back into my comfort zone, and then I felt like I couldn’t do it because I don’t have what I need. Kind of ridiculous, huh? 

I stopped myself from having the complete meltdown and started puling out pieces that I like regardless of color. I found that I really liked things in many colors when I started thinking about cut and fit. I was also really drawn to the softness of some fabrics and then there were items that fit the color palette but were uncomfortable to wear, so I’ve been avoiding them. Why have them in my closet then? 

After this little exercise, I felt a lot better about what I had in front of me, and I have items that are green and blue and pink and red. I did get rid of yellow completely. Gone. 

That being said, I put together this outfit for date night a few weeks ago, and I had amazing sandals picket out to go with it, but my ankle, which I explained here, still had other ideas. So maybe these sandals don’t quite round it out, but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do to be able to walk. 

This week I'm linking up to On Monday's We Link Up with Glass of Glam. Please go visit some of the other bloggers there. 

New / Ann Taylor Fall Shopping Event

A few weeks ago I was invited over to the Ann Taylor at the Fashion Show Mall for a shopping event. The store was perfectly arranged, and it looked to me that they have leaned more toward a minimalistic approach to the store's merchandising.

The racks were neatly arranged but not overly full, making it easy to both really see the style of the garments and also very easy to find your size without having to push through twenty of the same blouse. 

It was apparent that a lot of thought went into the grouping of pieces within the layout of the store. I passed through Kelly green then navy and gray and onto black. I stopped at the navy section and found myself pulling pieces and interchanging them for several outfit combinations. If you are a capsule wardrobe enthusiast, this could make your process effortless.

After being handed a glass of Prosecco, I headed for the fitting room to try on some things. This has been the year of the sleeve, and Ann Taylor is all over the trend first with the shirred cap sleeve on the Petaled Ruffled Tee I'm wearing here. I appreciated the slight peplum accent of the cut and the mixed materials with the same print on this blouse that I'll be able to wear with jeans, trousers or pencil skirts.

The Tiered Lace Trim Tee looked so vintage to me that I had to have it. It is very sheer (apologies for the strappy sports bra underneath), so I'll be wearing a cami underneath, and I find it a little big so would recommend sizing down. 

Finally I tried the Lantern Sleeve Sweater. This sweater has a super flattering fit, but if you are thinking about grabbing it, do it now because it's extremely limited stock.

Thank you to Ann Taylor Fashion Show for inviting me to shop with some sips thrown in for good measure. If you are wondering what to wear to work, check out these suggestions they have up on their site now.

Also, I've linked this week to #SaturdayShareLinkUp on Not Dressed as Lamb. Please stop by and visit all the lovely bloggers who share. 

Collective Haul - Stitchfix, Nyx, Colourpop

After forever and a day, I threw together a video with lots of bits and pieces picked up over the last few months to share with you.
Stitchfix PopSugar Nyx Highlight & Contour Pro Palette Elf Contouring Brush Pixi Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse Maybelline Baby Lips Color Balm Colour Pop Aquarius 2 Kat von D Lock-It Foundation

Double Red / Le Tote, Ann Taylor

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