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New Estee Lauder Product

I'm very lucky to be included in a group of women who are testing the new Cooling Eye Illuminator from Estee Lauder prior to its release.  Puffiness and dark circles are my biggest eye area worries.  I've been blessed with my mom's good skin, and I don't have an overabundance of wrinkles for my age.

I've been using the Cooling Eye Illuminator for a week now and I didn't take a before picture - Bad Me!

I can't believe I'm posting these on the internet, but here are my eyes when I first wake up in the morning again after one week of use.

And this bottom picture is after I apply the Illuminator.

I think there's some noticeable difference.  And the ceramic applicator on the tube which you use to apply the product is so amazing.  It's cool, and smooth, and I want to always use something like that to apply eye cream from now on.

I can't wait to see what one more week of use will do.


A Tale of Two Shoes and A Dog

Once upon a time, I bought a lovely pair of Ferragamo's.  Not long after, I bought this beautiful dog.

Knowing that puppies love to chew on shoes, I made sure never to leave any lying around to tempt him.  But one day, I let him follow me into my walk-in closet.  Which pair did he choose before I noticed what he was doing?  This one of course.

Bye bye Ferragamo's.


Half Empty?

I can't wait to hit Melrose Trading Post tomorrow to find some vintage costume jewelry.  My cup looks only half full.


Love These

My girl who just returned from her first away camp.

Going up to Lake Arrowhead when you get to the top of the mountain and the clouds completely cover the valley below.  It looks like you could step out onto them.

Inexpensive pieces like this from Forever 21.

Like so many other people, I really liked the Duchess of Cambridge camel Reiss Shola dress.

Julienne restaurant in San Marino where my husband got to eat lunch today, and I did not.



I've been obsessed with McQueen lately, and it's only getting worse with everyone else being obsessed now too.  First it was knowing about the Met exhibit which I will not be able to see.  Then Kate Middleton chose the house to design her wedding dress (which looks an awful lot like my mother's dress from 1956).  Then I found this dress from the Pre-Collection SS11

The Samurai Piquet Pencil dress is amazing.  Oh, if only....


Crazy Shoes

Since I wear so many solids, I try to find shoes that are a little out there to add a spark to my outfits.  You can't be too over the top when you go to the office every day, but I still want something that sets me apart.  Neither of these shoes were terribly expensive, but every time I wear either pair, I get those, "Your shoes are amazing" comments.


Love These

Salmon and asparagus with (a lot of) bacon

Ferragamo shoes

Cloudy skies




Another Pearl (Again)

Reposting because I was a victim of Blogger.

I bought this pearl at a small jewelry store on Colorado Blvd in Pasadena.  Unfortunately, the store is no longer there.

When I found it, it didn't have the baguettes on the sides.  I asked the designer to add them because although the pearl is beautiful, the setting seemed to be missing something.  I had been buying jewelry for myself since I started working, but this was the first time I had been involved in the design of a piece.  Since then, I've worked with jewelers on several pieces.  Nothing beats having a one-of-a-kind piece.


Love These

I'm absolutely in love with this Alexander Wang tote.

This adorable Juicy Couture bracelet.

Autumn Cashmere bright yellow cardigan.

Rebecca Beeson tissue thin long-sleeved tee shirt.

Prabal Gurung dress.


Best Husband Ever

Came home after a miserable day.  Made dinner.  Walked into my closet.  Found this and two dozen roses waiting for me.

Kenneth Jay Lane canary cocktail ring.  Sparkly.