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Dress: Bebe; Coat: Target; Boots: Shoe Dazzle; Belt: Mulberry; Bag: Juicy Couture; Earrings: Gifted; Necklace: Joan Rivers; Ring: Sabine; Bracelet: Ann Taylor

I feel like a real toughy in this outfit.  You know like fire someone at will, drink a martini, talk about some obscure modern artist, and generally be too cool for anyone to stand all at the same time.  In actuality, these pictures are of me standing in the middle of the street in an undeveloped sub-division in suburban Southern California on a Sunday afternoon.  Not a martini or an artist in sight.  Boring, but a good hair day none the less.



Jacket: Knitted Dove via Ideeli; Dress: Vintage; Bag: YSL; Shoes: Shoe Dazzle; Belt: Mulberry; Necklace: Jewel Mint; Bracelet: Unknown; Ring: Gifted; Lipgloss: Estee Lauder Star Pink Pure Color Gloss

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend.  I did.  We didn't do anything extravagant or unusual, but it was so nice just to take the time to relax and be able to look around without being in a hurry to go somewhere or get something done.  Because of Instagram and my family's constant use of it, I can eavesdrop on everything that everyone is doing without them being anywhere close by.  It's even more interesting to see what they post when they are in the very next room.  This outfit pulled together some recent purchases with things I've had for a very long time and combines them into a casual outfit I feel so comfortable in.  We happily had another few days of rain when I wore this to dinner with the hub on Friday.  This jacket was a happy and inexpensive impulse buy from Ideeli, and I know I'll get constant use out of it over the summer.

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Palm Fronds

Blouse : H & M; Pants: Ann Taylor; Camisole: H & M; Sandals: Steve Madden (Old); Earrings: Cookie Lee; Necklace: Joan Rivers; Ring: Gifted Kenneth J Lane; Bracelets: Vintage & Unknown; Lipgloss: Estee Lauder Purple Passion Pure Color Sequin Finish Gloss

Stepping way outside of the comfort zone here.  I usually take A to the mall on the weekends to pick something out for her growing clothing obsession.  I wonder where she gets that from?  Her latest favorite is H & M, and I usually end up with something for myself as well.  I like that H & M has great reasonably priced basics (do I really want to pay more than $10 for a beige tank? NO!) and also lets me pick up things that I'm not sure will work out for me, or that I want to make an investment in, or are more than a passing trend that will look so dated in a week.  I have been eyeing large botanical prints but just couldn't commit.  This kimono-style blouse has a very subtle palm frond print.  Truth said: it's just too much for me.  It could be the bright color, the not-very-flattering cut, I don't know, but I doubt it will be making a reappearance soon.  Do you have something that you really want to like but just can't?

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Dress: Gap; Cuff: Unknown (Similar from Forever 21)

The hub and I have a significant amount of alone time this weekend, and we are taking advantage of it by doing some of the things we never have the time or that the kids would want to do.  We went out to dinner alone last night, stopped for coffee this morning, went to Costco (okay so that was more necessity than fun to do), took a short drive, and did a tasting of some beverages I've been picking up at Whole Foods.  I am a total book-by-its-cover kind of person.  You slap a pretty label on it or put it in a box with polka dots, and I'm all over it.  The 12 NtM frosted bottles and graphic labels called out to me.  I picked up the other Ayala's Herbal Water bottle because it seemed like the same type of beverage but was about half the price.  All are non-alcoholic, but the real shocker was how much sugar was in the 12NtM.  The flavors sounded appealing: Blanc - citrus, ginger and Rouge - pomegranate, black currant especially since I love ginger anything.  They were just okay.  Nothing I'd rush to buy again or make a regular purchase of.  We were both pleasantly surprised by the Ayala's which is a carbonated water infused with lemon peel and ginger.  No sugar and no calories was an added bonus.  Although we weren't blown away by any of them, it was a great opportunity to pull out the antique crystal I bought in Quebec and we never use, and we had fun doing it.



Blouse: Bebe; Skirt: Ralph Lauren; Shoes: Shoe Dazzle; Sunglasses: Loft (On Sale!!!); Earrings: Unknown; Ring: Vintage; Bracelet: Forever 21; Necklace: Joan Rivers; Nails: OPI What's a Tire Jack?

I had this whole 70's inspired, peasant thing in mind before we took these pictures, but then after looking at them, they reminded me of the time I dressed up as a gypsy fortune teller for Halloween when I was in grammar school.  Hey, that was probably in the 70's, so it makes sense.  I love the name of this OPI nail polish.  Inspired. I'm late again (fashionably, I hope) linking to Monday Mingle, but you should still jump over to visit there too.



Tee: Target; Blouse: Old Navy; Pants: Burberry; Bag: Zara; Belt: Mulberry; Shoes: Sole Society; Earrings, Necklace & Bracelet; Unknown; Ring: Gifted

I'm not a huge fan of bright pink, but with neons everywhere right now, it almost seems like a neutral.  I love our neighborhood.  These gates belong to an old mansion that has been turned into an all-girls' school.  Sometimes it's amazing what you see driving along through a residential neighborhood here.  There is really no rhyme or reason to the houses.  I think people often think of southern California as the land of cookie-cutter tract houses, but not everywhere is like that at all.  We by no means have buildings with the age of the East coast, but we do have things that aren't young anymore (ha! Just like me).

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Blouse: Vintage Alpert Nipon; Skirt: Spiegel; Belt: Mulberry; Shoes: Loeffler Randall; Bag: H&M; Earrings: Unknown; Necklace: Vintage; Bracelet: Jewel Mint; Ring: Gifted; Sunglasses: Ann Taylor; Eyeshadow: Chanel Lilium

A very simple monochromatic outfit worn to a sushi dinner with the kids.  No plans this weekend except for a lot of relaxation.  Hub is back in town.  I'm actually the next one to leave which is unusual for me since I rarely travel for business.  We'll see how we do with the shoes on the other feet.



Dress: M Missoni (Just sold out. It was available until yesterday at The Outnet. Sorry! But here is something similar); Cardigan: Ruche; Shoes: Sole Society; Bag: Nannini; Sunglasses: Coach; Belt: Asos; Earrings & Ring: Unknown; Necklace: Vintage Cameo; Bracelets: Vintage, Gifted, Joan Rivers; Pin: Vintage

We are still at the point in the spring when it's cool in the mornings and evenings, so you have to layer appropriately.  I would probably never wear this dress though without something on top because it's a little bare for me now.  In looking through my closet to find thin layers, I was amazed at how many pieces are in what I would consider fall colors.  I guess I'll be carrying the fall long into spring with me.

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A Room of My Own

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been enchanted with dressing tables.  They seem so glamorous like something the star of an old film will sit at before being whisked off to dance the night away.  If I had a vanity like that, wouldn't I magically become glamorous and cosmopolitan too?  And the tops of those movie vanities always hold the most beautiful and exotic of paraphernalia all artfully arranged: gilt mirrors, crystal perfume decanters, huge vats of face powder and cream.  Well, mine looks nothing like that.  Probably because it takes more than just a few artful containers to pull this together.  I am very lucky to have a small cubbyhole in my sitting/dressing room.  It has pegboard and bulletin board walls on which I hang jewelry and pictures and A's art projects.  Also in my cubby: way too much chocolate and Jewel Mint.  Instead of one or two luxurious items, I have proof that I am way too obsessed with makeup brushes and now with Beautyblenders.  What's missing?  Most of my makeup which was in my purse at the time.  It may not be gilt or mirrored, it may be organized chaos, and these pictures are really horrible (can you tell the staff photographer is out of town again?), but my little cubby is my happy corner of the world where I and only I sit down whether rushed or leisurely and prepare myself for the day ahead.


Sea Glass

               Loft                                                                                               J Crew

Lauren                                                                                     Bauble Bar


Ann Taylor                                                                                       Asos

For several years, I had a small glass jar filled with sea glass that some co-workers had given me on my desk.  Some where along the way, it has been misplaced.  I hope to find it some day because I loved to stare at the little frosted pieces and wonder what they started out as.  I've been thinking about those colors a lot lately, and these pieces are close to the colors of those little bits of glass. I'm lucky enough to already have the Bauble Bar Spearmint Bauble Bib, and I think I'll be working that into the rotation this week.