Dress: Gap; Cuff: Unknown (Similar from Forever 21)

The hub and I have a significant amount of alone time this weekend, and we are taking advantage of it by doing some of the things we never have the time or that the kids would want to do.  We went out to dinner alone last night, stopped for coffee this morning, went to Costco (okay so that was more necessity than fun to do), took a short drive, and did a tasting of some beverages I've been picking up at Whole Foods.  I am a total book-by-its-cover kind of person.  You slap a pretty label on it or put it in a box with polka dots, and I'm all over it.  The 12 NtM frosted bottles and graphic labels called out to me.  I picked up the other Ayala's Herbal Water bottle because it seemed like the same type of beverage but was about half the price.  All are non-alcoholic, but the real shocker was how much sugar was in the 12NtM.  The flavors sounded appealing: Blanc - citrus, ginger and Rouge - pomegranate, black currant especially since I love ginger anything.  They were just okay.  Nothing I'd rush to buy again or make a regular purchase of.  We were both pleasantly surprised by the Ayala's which is a carbonated water infused with lemon peel and ginger.  No sugar and no calories was an added bonus.  Although we weren't blown away by any of them, it was a great opportunity to pull out the antique crystal I bought in Quebec and we never use, and we had fun doing it.

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