A Room of My Own


Ever since I was a little girl, I have been enchanted with dressing tables.  They seem so glamorous like something the star of an old film will sit at before being whisked off to dance the night away.  If I had a vanity like that, wouldn't I magically become glamorous and cosmopolitan too?  And the tops of those movie vanities always hold the most beautiful and exotic of paraphernalia all artfully arranged: gilt mirrors, crystal perfume decanters, huge vats of face powder and cream.  Well, mine looks nothing like that.  Probably because it takes more than just a few artful containers to pull this together.  I am very lucky to have a small cubbyhole in my sitting/dressing room.  It has pegboard and bulletin board walls on which I hang jewelry and pictures and A's art projects.  Also in my cubby: way too much chocolate and Jewel Mint.  Instead of one or two luxurious items, I have proof that I am way too obsessed with makeup brushes and now with Beautyblenders.  What's missing?  Most of my makeup which was in my purse at the time.  It may not be gilt or mirrored, it may be organized chaos, and these pictures are really horrible (can you tell the staff photographer is out of town again?), but my little cubby is my happy corner of the world where I and only I sit down whether rushed or leisurely and prepare myself for the day ahead.

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