Please bear with me; these are the first pictures I had to take of myself.  By the time I got the camera set up and took pictures in one spot, decided that they were all grotesque, set up the camera again, and got these, the fishtail braid I was so proud of was half undone and the sun was in the wrong place.  Oh well, there's always tomorrow....I went back to a bare (Ha! bear/bare - didn't mean to do that) lip today and grey on the eyes.  Felt more like me then the bright red mouth I had been sporting lately.  Also, I'm sad that my hub is away, and red felt more like a celebration then what I felt.

 Shirt: H&M; Skirt: Liz Claiborne: Coat: Ann Taylor; Boots: Unknown; Bag: Celine; Belt and Jewelry: All Unknown; Lips: Buxom Lola; Eyeshadow: BareEscentuals: Soft Focus Tweed

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