After the Parade


These pics are actually from way back on Jan 2.  Can you believe that's over two weeks ago already?  After spending four days at home, I had cabin fever, so after the parade was finally over (it may only take two hours to watch on tv, but it takes over four for everyone to reach the end - those were the longest four hours of my life knowing that I couldn't get out of my neighborhood and wanting to as much as if my life depended on it), I grabbed the hub to go view the devastation that is Colorado Blvd.  The street was a ghost town because everyone was now either going to the game or in our neighborhood looking at floats. Old Town was quiet, calm and peaceful.  I loved it.

Top: Old Navy; Cardigan: Saks Fifth Avenue; Skirt: Polo; Bag: Coach; Shoes: Sole Society; Sunglasses: Maui Jim; Earrings and Bracelet: Unknown: Necklace: Joan Rivers; Ring: Tinley Road  

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