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I have had this skirt forever.  I've had it so long that it doesn't have a label any more, so I can't even remember the brand.  I don't know where I bought it, or, to be honest, why.  It is so not me.  Just look at the colors.  And it's a pattern.  I was originally going to pair it with some textured tights, but I thought that would probably be going too far.  The jacket is rather boxy, so I cinched it, but since the skirt is a tie-wrap, it added bulkiness around the waist.  The shoes are a new favorite from Sole Society also seen here.  I am a dedicated Nordstrom's  shopper, so it's been really fun to follow what they are doing with their dedicated shoe "club."


  1. I LOVE the skirt, it's so chic! And the shoes are lovely!

  2. Hello lovely Gina- you are now officially on the +40 blogroll!

    Loving your outfit- the blazer with the native print skirt is fabulous! And I'm kinda into that happy robin's egg blue you're wearing as a shirt. Lovely!
    the Citizen Rosebud

  3. Thanks Sophie-Marie, how are you doing love?

  4. Bella, you are my hero. Keep doing what you are doing.

  5. You have really nice legs you should wear short skirts more often.