I always thought that as I got older I would be less likely to engage in personal drama.  You know, the she said this about you that comes from a "concerned" friend who feels that you just need to know the hateful thing that someone said about you.  Who does that make feel better?  Well, it became clear to me this evening that getting older has not made it better.  On the contrary, added to all the uncertainty and personal angst that I'm currently going through about how I'm aging and what I look like, this type of situation is really painful.  You see, a person I don't even know told me that I am ugly today.  I don't know why.  I don't know what made this person feel the need to say this to me.  I don't know if she felt better after she said it.  I don't know if I'll ever hear from her again.  I don't know if she has any idea how much her short comment impacted me on an already stressful day.  All I know is, she made me stop and think about myself.  She made me wonder if I should stop doing this.  One of my friends always wonders why people have to be haters to feel better about themselves.  Today I wonder that too.

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  1. Anyone who would say that has an ugly heart. Her comment is more about herself than you. You are beautiful. Aging is beautiful too - and far better than the alternative.

  2. Wow....why in the world would anyone say that to a person. That it so hurtful and I don't get it. I know it would make me feel terrible about myself and I already fight everyday to have some kind of self esteem. Hang in there and don't let a person who is so hateful make you change doing what you enjoy. By the way: You are far from ugly...

  3. I'm presuming it was an anonymous comment, yes? I've had that and also dealt with ageism where the cowards won't even sign in. Ugliness is in the heart, and anyone who can say that is truly ugly themselves and just projecting. Please don't let it hurt you or stop you from blogging. I've said it before, ageing isn't easy but I think you're doing a fine job of it with much grace. Just the fact that this upset you tells me you're a sensitive, feeling person who cares about others. Keep those thoughts in mind and forget the haters. They're ugly and they should hope to look as beautiful as you when they're your age!


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