My name is Gina Briley.  Ask me who I am and depending on not just the day but what time it is, the first thing out of my mouth will always be different.  I am a wife, mother, step-mother, and business owner over 40.

My husband and I both grew up on the Central Coast of California, me in Cambria, him in Los Osos, but we never knew each other when we lived there.  We then worked for the same company for over ten years in Southern California and never met each other.  Finally we were both working on the same project and we met and worked together for three years before beginning our relationship.  We've been married for three years, and together we have six kids.  Two of the girls live with us.

Most days my main priorities are taking someone to school and dance classes and figuring out what we will be having for dinner, while finding lost shoes, telephones and the mayo, as well as what my next project is going to be.  I've always loved fashion and beauty.  In the 80s, I took classes and learned how to be an image consultant, but I was young and didn't want to shop for women who were my mom's age! Oh the irony.  I worked at the beauty counter in the now defunct Bullock's department store after that while I was in college.  After graduating, I was a teacher of English composition and literature at a community college here in California.  I then went to work as a manager for a multinational corporation which manufacturers window coverings.  It was there as the one and only manager in my facility that I learned how to be an entrepreneur in someone else's company.  It was a wonderful experience which helped to prepare me for where I am now in my life.  For the last fifteen years, I was a senior manager for an electric utility company here in Southern California.  My priority throughout my career was always to develop my staff and others by providing the support and encouragement they needed to help them achieve their goals.  I recently decided that I wanted to give working for myself a try, so I started Bespoke Image and Lifestyle Consulting with the goal of using my teaching, business and management experience combined with my love of beauty products and fashion to help others.

Bespoke Consulting helps women and men who want to take control of their image whether pulling together outfits to go on job interviews, the office or to a date or event, cleaning out and organizing a closet or becoming comfortable speaking in front of a group.  We also provide guest and ghost-blogging as well as editing content for websites and consulting with companies targeting audiences in the over-40 demographic.  Watch as we develop our site The Bespoke Stylist as well as my lifestyle blog, The Bespoke Lifestyle.  Our primary clients are individuals over the age of 40 or businesses targeting individuals over 40 especially those who are going through a life or career change.  If you'd like more information or would like to partner with us, please contact me at BespokeGina@gmail.com.

This blog continues to be my personal style blog.  Like most other women my age, I'm struggling with changes to my body and my face and finding clothes that are appropriate mature fashion without being boxy or lumpy.  Fashion over 40 isn't easy.  I, like most people my age, feel like I need to lose some weight and firm some things up, but I don't want to let that stop me from looking good how I am now.  So many people make the choice to put together outfits after they reach their weight-loss or fitness goal.  Realistically, that can take months or even years, and we shouldn't give up that much time to start dressing in a way that makes us confident about ourselves.  Fashion for women over 40 doesn't have to be depressing.

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  1. Dear Gina, I can not comment on your last post. Do not know if yours is a problem, or a problem in my computer. I already knew these looks, had seen in other post. All I like, a lot. And all your hairstyles. You done a good reflection about your wardrobe. I love the end result. You look beautiful with your pencil skirts, your cashmere sweaters and your heels to pointed.