Jacket: Ann Taylor
Dress: ASOS
Bag: Coach
Shoes: Ralph Lauren

First I started a blog, and I worked on it for a while. Then life got in the way, and I didn't blog as much. Then life really got in the way, and I didn't blog at all. Then I made some life changes, and I suddenly had time to blog again, but I didn't want to. There are several reasons why, but basically, it just wasn't clicking for me anymore. It wasn't fun; it was so much effort to take and edit photos, and, frankly, I didn't feel like writing.

But I finally had time, and I'm a blogger. I can't be a blogger if I'm not blogging. So I made the effort, and I blogged, and it was still a hassle and not fun or enjoyable, and I still didn't like it. I tried some different things that still didn't motivate me or make me want to do it anymore than before. So I didn't blog again.

And then suddenly last week, I was sitting at my desk one day, and I thought, "I really want to work on my blog." So now I'm back and I'm working on my blog again. Does this mean it's a for sure thing that I'm going to be committed and work at this? I think it's too early to tell, but it does mean that this week, I got a blog post up. That's more than a lot of weeks over the past two years, so that's something isn't it?

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