BA STAR Holiday Red Lips 50% Off


Earlier this year, I did a post about BA STAR eyeshadow.  BA STAR markets their makeup for cheerleaders and dancers, and since A is a dancer, we are always looking for stage makeup that will last all day on competition day.  We were so impressed by their products, we jumped at the chance to review their new Holiday Red Lip Color.

Lip crayons like this are my ultimate favorite way to apply lip color, and recently I've been overly addicted to lip butters except they don't stay on very long and take frequent reapplication.  Knowing that BA STAR is meant to be long-wearing, I expected this crayon to combat that reapplication issue.
When it arrived, I immediately applied, and it lasted at least 5 hours before needing to be reapplied, and I was drinking coffee and water constantly over that time.

A doesn't usually like red lips, but I know she's now scoping how to get this one away from me.  I've found her lingering around my vanity frequently over the last few days sneaking an application.  How gorgeous is the shape of my girl's lips?

I do have to admit to being worried that the long-wearing formula would be drying, but if I apply a little bit of lip balm before applying, it still lasts for hours and doesn't feel dry at all.

The color does come across a little brown in the pencil, but when you apply, it's the greatest pure cherry red.  This is definitely going to be my holiday red this year, and because BA STAR is so amazing, they are offering all of us a discount of 50% on their site.  Just use code BBLIPS at checkout.

This product was sent to me for review; however, I have received no other compensation for this post, and the opinion is my own.  I would tell you if I didn't like it.

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