Coat: Calvin Klein (Old but similar cut in tweed)
Shirt: Target
Pants: Zara
Bag: Coach (Old but more Bleeckers)
Shoes Loeffler Randall
Necklaces: JewelMint
Bracelet: Bauble Bar

I've written before about the difficulties I have always had blowing out my hair.  With the crazy weather we've been having, it's been taking so much time to do it, I hate it.  But I'm really trying to not just pull it up every day regardless of the temptation.  My hairdresser is trying to convince me to do a Brazilian blowout.  I think she's just tired of hearing me complain about it.  I'm torn because I've heard so many bad things about the treatment.  Anybody had one?  Any horror stories?  It's hard to tell because of the shadows in these pictures, but I'm actually wearing a blue coat with this black outfit.  I've always thought that navy and black went well together, but I know others don't share my feelings.  I am seeing it out a lot right now though.  I might be giving away these necklaces.  This is the second time I've worn them, and they just don't seem to be me.  Still pondering.  I'd appreciate your feedback on them too.

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