Top: H&M
Shoes: Valentino
Nails: Buffed and rubbed with Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

 I have to confession that I am a total creature of habit, and my routines are king.  My days are pretty tightly regimented and planned in advance, and they are jam packed.  School starts tomorrow, so the routine will be even more strict for the next ten months.  I know some bloggers prep for hours for their photos which is why they have great images.  Mine usually happen in what I wore that day about 11 hours after I put it on.  The reason for my great need to confess: wrinkles in linen pants.  I know that when I put these things on, they were crisp and freshly ironed.  Now I look like I slept in them.  I could sleep in them; this is a really comfortable outfit for work.  I know my husband hates this blouse and rolls his eyes every time I wear it, but the peachy color goes with so many different things, and it's been my go-to blouse in all of this humidity.  Did I mention that it's humid again?  No end in sight.  Marionberry Style's challenge this month was to bring on the statement necklaces.  I'm all about the statement necklace usually, but lately in the heat, having something extra around the neck has been hard, so the real challenge was just to put one on.  This one is very old from Forever 21, and in my closet cleaning, it's been on the debate list, so I followed my rule, wore it one more time, and tried to make a decision.  I think it has to go.  The flowers are just too much.  Also this week I'm linking to Monday Mingle on Momtrends.  Please follow the link to go visit too.

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