Blazer: Forever 21
Pants: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Ralph Lauren
Eyeliner: Origins Jade

This was one of the weirdest weeks ever.  It seemed like it lasted for about 20 days, but I didn't really finish anything that I needed to get done.  It's a long weekend, but at least part of it will be spent with me catching up on work emails.  Part of my lack of time comes from me realizing about four weeks ago that I just can't keep denying the fact that I have to be doing some form of physical activity every day.  I bought a treadmill in March which I've been using three days a week, but I was finding it boring.  Everyone says that variety helps keep you going, so I had initially added Pilates.  This week I tried Barre classes for the first time.  The most intense workout of my life.  The good news, these pants which I lived in this summer, are now baggy.  What will be even better, not being sore anymore.

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