This week I received my second VoxBox.  The VoxBox is a free box of samples that is sent by Influenster.  I have to admit that I disliked the first box I received so much, I didn't even bother to tell anyone that I received it.  I was pleasantly surprised at what came in this box.  I immediately open the Hawaiian Tropic sunblock to smell it and check its texture and consistency.  I'm really picky about sunblock because so many of them have a horrible odor, feel greasy and drip off of your skin in the heat.  This has a lighter version of the famous Hawaiian Tropic beachy scent that we all grew up with.  It was pleasant and not overwhelming, and the consistency of the sunblock was that of a good-quality body lotion.  It wasn't greasy at all.  I haven't worn it out for a full day yet, so we'll see if it passes the all day test.  Next was the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color.  I've tried one other magnetic nail color in the past and thought it was a great effect.  I generally don't do any type of nail art or crazy colors on my hands because of my day job, but since I have a long weekend, I painted it on.  The nail color provides a subtle color shift after you place it under the magnet which is striking enough to be different but not overwhelming enough to draw the wrong kind of attention to your hands.  I have a friend who used to work for Quaker, so I'm a fan of a lot of their products.  I hadn't tried the Soft Baked Bars yet because of monitoring my carb intake.  I did take two bites of the bar before passing it off to the hub to finish.  It reminded me of a crunchy granola bar baked into a piece of banana bread.  The taste was spot on to banana bread, and the two conflicting textures worked well together.  The hub and I both agreed it had great taste.  I've been seeing a lot of ads for the Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy and have been curious to try it, so was happy that it was included in the box.  I haven't tried it yet so will report back when I do.  Overall, great box Influenster.  Thanks.

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