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Had the lovely opportunity to venture over to Soho House one afternoon to see a preview of what ASOS is serving up for Fall/Winter 2012.  I have to admit that there a quite a few pieces I think will be finding their way home.  I know I'm on a self-imposed shopping ban, but I broke it today.  More on that on Monday.  Back to ASOS.  I love that they are calling one of their trends Baroque for obvious reasons.  They are doing amazing things with embellishments and structure while still retaining amazing value.  More than anything, I wanted to pick the accessories up and discreetly walk out the door with them.  I just received a copy of the lookbook this week in my inbox showing more of the Nowhere Girl capsule which I somehow missed at the preview.  It's filled with great outerwear that I wish I really needed but don't for the Southern California winter.  Although the embroidered dress in the last photo is not age appropriate, there are so many ways to work these pieces into an age appropriate wardrobe.  As a matter of fact, I thought that some of the heavily embellished pieces might be too aging on someone younger.  Although I've heard otherwise, I've always had good luck with ASOS sizing and find it runs true to size in most cases.  When buying online, I tend to air on the side of caution and size up whenever I'm in doubt.  I truly think that ASOS is an undiscovered gem.  I find so many great pieces there that no one else has which allows me to put my own unique spin on trends.  ASOS meets my trend on a budget perspective every time.

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