Cardigan: Lutz & Patmos
Blouse: Kenzie
Pants: H&M
Bag: Nannini (Hard to find in the USA - try YOOX)
Shoes: Nine West
Belt: Calvin Klein
Bracelet: Ann Taylor
Ring: Sabine
Eyeshadow: Chanel Regard Perle via Neiman Marcus

Sometimes things are just easy.  I love it when life is like that, and I wish it could be like that more often.  I had a brief speaking engagement today, and I tend to try to dress really comfortably when I have to do public speaking so I'm not concerned with things being too short or too tight while I'm moving around on the stage.  I love to speak in public.  I know; I'm weird that way.  The more people there are, the easier it is for me.  It's when I'm face-to-face with someone that I clam up because that's when I feel like whatever I say really matters.  But plop me down in front of a few hundred people and I can go for hours.  Afterwards, the hub and I went out for oysters and a few drinks.  By the time these pictures were taken, all my makeup was eaten off and my hair was less than kept.  Yet, I think they really show how happy we are.  It was a good Wednesday.

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  1. Fabulous outfit. You look really chic. It looks like you found the perfect balance: comfortable but very stylish!

  2. You look elegant and not too fussy. I love this look on you.


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