Lightning Never Strikes Twice


I cannot do my hair the same way twice even if my life depends on it.  You would think after 40+ years of doing my hair, I would have a system that was repeatable.  But I don't.

The family went to a Post Rose Parade Resident's Reception at the Rose Bowl Tournament House last weekend.  That's a fancy name for the Parade Committee trying to thank us (bribe us with free hors d'oeuvres and wine) for having our neighborhood invaded for three days by hundreds of thousands of people at the end of the year.  I spent almost an hour doing my hair.  Which I am positive, I could never recreate again but which gave me a grand opportunity to wear this suede flower in my hair.

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  1. I love your hair like this.
    I wish mine was long enough to do something like this with it. Your hair is always amazing!

  2. I want to do that to my hair.
    Do you rememer how you did it?
    It would look so good with what I'm wearing tonight.

  3. I blew it out upside down then used hot rollers. I made a loose pony tail about mid-way up my head then lightly twisted and pinned it up. Hope that helps a little.


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