Grey is Good


If you aren't following @PiperlimeBrand on Twitter, you should just so you can participate in the Think Inside the Box Contest they run occasionally on their Fresh Juice blog.  The Matt Bernson boots I'm wearing here c/o Piperlime were one of the prizes in a recent contest.  They are so comfortable and perfect with skinny jeans and the Loft plaid shawl I bought awhile ago just waiting for the cooler weather to arrive.  I bulked up on several of my breast cancer awareness bracelets and a bracelet that my sister made out of a silver spoon for me when she was just out of high school as well as on old brooch of my mom's. This is my favorite time of the year and my favorite kinds of outfits really start to come out now.   We spent a beautiful, cool day walking around the Cal Tech campus.  Can you tell I'm laughing at a squirrel who tried to make friends with us but starting chirping at us when he realized we weren't going to feed him?

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  1. Oooh, I love grey too!
    Lovely outfit- PiperLime is pretty awesome, huh? I worked for the GAP for 3 years and remember when this was still in the works...
    Nice to meet you, stopping by from the Over 40 blog hop-

  2. What brand jeans do you wear as I have a figure very similar to yours and I can't get jeans to fit me that well. Always ask when I see a curvy girl...not fat but curvy in a good way!

  3. Thanks for asking. I used to stick to Salt Works but since you can't find those anymore, I'm still searching for the perfect brand. I didn't want to make a huge investment in skinny jeans if I looked ridiculous in them, so these are from H&M. They really fit well.


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