Funny story about jewelry.  When I was younger, I always wore rings and earrings, but they were always rather delicate.  I have thin fingers; when we bought our wedding bands, the saleswoman at Tiffany raised her eyebrows at me when I claimed to be a size 5 ring then said rather sheepishly, "You're actually a 4 3/4," after she sized me.  To go with my delicate rings, I always chose studs for my ears.

I never found necklaces I really liked.  I was always getting the delicate ones in a tangle or breaking the chains, and it just never seemed worth it.  And bracelets, never.  They were just an inconvenience.

Somewhere along the way, I started amassing drop earrings and bolder necklaces.  Now I always have on a necklace and a bracelet.  Having gone full circle, I realized a few months ago that my rings need a major overhaul.  Not only are they dated like the ruby I showed here, but I'm usually never wearing a ring because I really haven't bought one in so long.

Rings are true investment pieces to me usually.  I have no problem wearing fashion jewelry of any other kind, but I used to never be able to buy myself anything except for fine jewelry for a ring.

I have determined to change this mindset, and to do so, I decided to start at the bottom.  I picked up this lucite ring from Forever 21 and wore it to work last week.

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