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Dress via Stitchfix
Jacket via Stitchfix
Shoes: Old but similar here

The skies may be sunny, but it's just plain hot here. This year is shaping up to have record-breaking heat already by the middle of June, and our air-conditioning units keep failing. Thank goodness for our home warranty. People around town have been joking that this is our version of cabin fever. Instead of being snowed in, we are forced inside because it's just too hot to venture out. 

It's amazing how quickly the weather took this turn. We took these pictures about a week and a half ago on our way out to dinner in the middle of the week. Don't get me wrong, it was a warm evening, but there was a great breeze blowing, making it pleasant to be outside. I can't see there being a repeat of that for the foreseeable future. 

Stitchfix has been a blessing for building a wardrobe for our new climate. I didn't realize until we got here full time last summer that most of my office-friendly clothes were not built for months of 100+ degree days. I've gotten so much use out of this striped cardigan, which you can also see here as well as the burgundy jacket I wore in my last post here. Both the green dress and the cardigan I'm wearing here are from Stitchfix. Working from home has upped my bag game. I used to always only carry a large bag due to a long commute and feeling like I needed to carry my life with me when I left the house. Now when I leave the house, it's usually for a finite reason, like going to dinner. I've moved back into using some of my smaller bags that haven't received enough love over the last few years including this one that was a steal from Forever 21 but looks like something more expensive. 

You probably can't tell in these pictures, but I finally broke down and cut over six inches off of my hair. It really had more to do with how long it had been since I got it shaped than the weather, but it does feel a lot lighter now. 

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