New Romantic / Target White Dress


Do you ever have days that just don't go as you've planned? That was our day yesterday. We had big plans for an outing that we were all looking forward to, and had planned a few weeks ago, but then due to some things out of our control, we realized that by the time we got there, we wouldn't have very much time to spend before we would have to head for home.

We all agreed to forget about our plans, but later in the day, we all admitted that we wished we had gone with the original plans even though our time would have been limited and that at the time we canceled the plans, each of us thought the others didn't want to go, so we all said we were good with cancelling. Even though we all really wanted to still go.

We realized how crazy this turned out to be, went to brunch, went to Target to buy a new dog bed, and then went to an open house in a neighborhood we all love.

We didn't go through with our original plan, but we had a pretty great day nonetheless.

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