Current Favorites


Here are some of my current favorites - the things I've been reaching for consistently over the last month or so.

I had received a night cream from Vichy in my Glossybox and really like it, so when I saw that Target is now stocking the brand, I stopped to look at what else they offered. I'm a huge Bioderma fan, especially now that it's more readily available here instead of just being able to buy it in France, but it is still quite a bit pricier to buy it here versus there. I thought I would try this to compare, and, dare I say it, I think I like this better! I've been using this every night to remove my makeup and I've seen a noticeable difference in the texture of my skin. It could just be because I'm going through the trouble of making sure I have all my makeup off before bed by adding this step, but I really think the product itself has at least something to do with it.

Polo Jeans Ribbed Crew Neck Sweater (also loving this one from Toyshop)

This sweater is at least three years old, but it's a great weight for a transitional sweater. I love the color, the neckline, and the pattern. I've worn it with pants and skirts to the office and with jeans on the weekend. Worth my initial investment. 

Too Faced #TFnofilter Selfie Powders

Moving beyond the name which is, let's face it, just ick, I like these powders because they are really just skin enhancers. I have so much red in my skin, the yellow powder balances it out. I've taken to using more bronzer to try to find my cheekbones again, and the lavender is great for highlighting without shine. The best part is that lack of shine or glitter.

I got these on sale at Neiman Marcus for an astronomical discount. I would definitely recommend waiting for a sale. I love the look of the Louboutin So Kate, but this is half the price, and on sale, I ended up paying about a quarter of the cost of the Louboutin. I do need to get used to wearing this high of a heel again because I'm somewhat out of practice.

iFit Vue

Husband gave this to me for Christmas after I wavered back and forth between this one and the other one. Since we have a treadmill that uses the iFit software, I thought this would interact well. In hindsight, it really doesn't matter, but regardless of the brand, the biggest benefit from this thing is when I've been sitting too long and I get the reminder to get up and move. Since I'm following a paleo diet now, I'm not really counting calories, but I do like to make sure I'm getting enough steps in every day and that I'm not sitting too long, so this is perfect.

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