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I recently received the Resvology Age Corrective Eye Cream to review.  It's great to receive products, but since I'm sometimes brutally honest about things, I'm always hoping that I'm going to like the product, so I don't have to be a mean-y.

Let me immediately get to the point...This is probably the best eye cream I've ever used.  And I've used a lot.

I wish I had taken pictures before I started using it, but this is after four days of use, and you'll just have to trust me that there was already so much improvement, it was mind-blowing.  The thing I love is that as it's improving over time, after you apply daily, it shrinks everything up instantly to get rid of puffiness.  So this picture is of my eyes first thing in the morning after using the product for 4 days (Scary and I need to get my eyebrows done.).  The Resvology has already made such improvements in my puffiness, these pictures are a vast improvement to what it looked like before.  These pictures are not retouched (obviously).  My problems are mostly confined to the inner corners where I'm puffy, dark, and very crepe-y.

This is about 20 minutes after application.  It almost looks as though the area beneath my eyes is larger if that makes sense.  The puffiness is significantly reduced and so is the darkness at the outer corner of the left eye.  The fine lines under the lower lashes are almost completely gone.  I'm hoping that the crepey-ness will continue to improve as well.

I can't recommend Resvology enough.  And I know it's important to some of you who ask, so the product is made in the US.  This product is so much better than the La Prairie eye cream I reviewed.  There's just no comparison.

Note: I was sent this product for review; however, all the views in this post are my own.  If I didn't like it, I would have told you.

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