Coat:  Calvin Klein
Dress: ASOS
Shoes: Ralph Lauren
Bracelet: JewelMint

Last week I was running late to a meeting the day before I took off for my Christmas vacation.  I walked into a very small, enclosed conference room which was warm and too full of people and immediately felt like I was back in high school.  Someone was wearing Calvin Klein Obsession.  I don't find very many people who wear Obsession anymore, but it was one of the first fragrances I wore and it made me remember being young and trying to figure out what types of scents I wanted to wear.  Ironically, A wanted fragrance for the first time for Christmas.  She read several descriptions online and was sure that she would like something with vanilla that was sweet smelling.  When we went into Sephora for her to actually sample those on her list, she was really surprised that she didn't like any that she thought she would.  Sephora will make you a sample of three scents every time you go in to give you a chance to try them and make your choice.  She finally settled on Lady Gaga's Fame.  Everyone in the family was sure that it was because of Lady Gaga, but when we passed it around on Christmas Eve, almost everyone liked it.  The oddest thing for me is that my baby is a teenager.  When did that happen?

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