Shoes and Bag: Shoe Dazzle

Well, almost anyway.  Hub and I had a lovely two days in Palm Springs.  When I woke up the morning of Day 3 which was fortunately the day we were going home anyway, I had a sore throat.  Hub was anxious to go to breakfast, but I had to admit that I wasn't hungry, and I didn't even feel like drinking coffee.  I think that was the moment he knew I really wasn't feeling well and asked if I just wanted to head for home.  So way before check-out we were on the road.  By the time we made it home, I had the chills and could hardly swallow.  I don't remember much of that day or the next, except that at one point, I remember lying there thinking about moving for 20 minutes wondering if it would be worth the effort.  When my fever still hadn't broken by Friday morning, hub dragged me to the doctor where the diagnosis of strep throat was confirmed.  Now on Day 3 of antibiotics, I actually am getting some energy back.  Which is good because I have to go to the office tomorrow.

On a completely different topic, I think these pictures are a realistic picture of how pale I truly am, so imagine the sun-blindness I caused in a swimsuit in Palm Springs (sitting in the shade).  One man actually walked up to me and said, "You are a really white person." Um, thanks?  Self-tanners have never worked on me.  I don't mean they turned me orange or something; they actually have never made me any different color.  I had heard several people say that Bare Escentuals Faux Tan Sunless Tanner is really good because it actually colors as it's going on.  I was curious, so I thought I'd give it a try.  Now, I haven't done this very often because it never worked right?  I started to apply it to my left shin.  After I made the first swipe, I thought to myself, "What if this is horrible?  I should have done it in a less obvious spot.  What am I going to do?  I need to stop.  I can't stop.  Half my shin is done. What if it works this time?  I can't walk around with a big brown stripe on my shin."  Part of my terror was because the product comes out of the bottle looking like chocolate sauce.  How ridiculous would it be for me to go from this before to the color of my shoes after?  I finished doing the lower half of my leg, quickly ran to get A and asked her what she thought.  "It's orange," she flatly declared.  "It is?  They said it wouldn't be."  I quickly ran to the hub to get his opinion.  He looked at me blankly afraid to commit.  Was this one of those crazy questions like, "Do I look fat in this," which, if answered incorrectly could alter the course of his life?  A and I quickly ran outside to look at it in direct sunlight.  "You have to get rid of it," she insisted.  But how?  What do I do?  Can I?  I quickly came to my senses.  There's a reason why you aren't supposed to get it wet for an hour after applying, duh.  I ran to the bathroom, and washed it all away.

Days later, I am wondering, what if that was only the application color which Bare Minerals states is there to help you apply the product evenly.  I've now read on-line reviews that recommend applying at night and showering in the morning which removes the cosmetic darkness leaving the actual color.  How super-duper can this stuff actually be?  I do have to say that it has none of the horrible self-tan smell that I remember. So my question to you is: Have you used it?  What did you think?  And did you turn burnt orange?  Thanks for playing. If enough people weigh in with a positive response or just want to mess with me, I may be willing to conduct another experiment.  All in the name of science of course. Or you can tell me to stay true to the pale.  Whichever, tell me what you think.

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