Blouse: Anne Klein
Pants: Old Navy
Shoes: ShoeMint
Bags: Coach
Necklace: Forever 21 (but similar from Bauble Bar here)

So many crazy things going on here. First, how many pictures of me sitting on a rock laughing do we need?  Apparently, five (I'm laughing and trying to avoid looking at hub who was making me laugh,  See fourth point below.).  Second, it's a picnic; however, the only item consumed: a Lo-Carb Monster (note to family: you all ridiculed me when I started drinking it.  Now you all drink it too. The laugh's on you.)  Third, this wasn't really a picnic, but quick shots in the park down the street after work on a Tuesday.  Fooled you.  Fourth, as the hub pointed out: product placement (Monster please take note.  The whole family is drinking my stash now.  Every time I go to the store, more is purchased.  If you'd like to send us a case, I'll use it in everyone of my posts until it is gone.  That would be every post for about two days.).  Finally, I'm not even sure this is an outfit.  I think I could have gotten away with it if I had worn the blouse, pants and the shoes only.  But I threw on a green necklace, the blingy ring and bracelets and then couldn't be bothered to change out the casual Coach bag.  What a mess.  Now do you see why I'm sitting on a rock and laughing?  But I had a great time, so what else matters?

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