Sunday Dinner


The best part of Sunday dinner to me is slow-cooked food.  I think that slow-cooked food tastes better.  It is also magical.  It takes an ugly piece of meat and turns it into something deliciously amazing.  Even though I can indulge in complex, multi-part cooking rituals on Sundays, I often give in to the ease of the slow cooker.  I actually use it more on Sundays than I do during the week.  I like to dump all of the ingredients in and watch and smell during the day as the magic happens like it did with this pork roast.  I took a 3 pound boneless pork roast and rubbed it with sea salt, dry mustard and chili powder.

Then I browned it in butter.

I placed one chopped red onion and half a bottle of Gold Buckle Brisket Sauce diluted with water in the bottom of the crock pot

and plopped the roast in after it was browned.

Next, I simply covered the roast with a bottle of BBQ sauce.  I used Famous Dave's.

I covered and cooked on high for six hours and this is what it turned into...

Served with pureed cauliflower and pan juices, it was a crowd pleaser.

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