Better Late Than Never


Close ups of the parade floats.  You can never truly appreciate what people put into these floats unless you see them up close.  We are very lucky to live where we do.

News vans lined up around the corner from our house.  One month before this, the power lines were down on this street and the road was blocked by downed oak trees seen here.

Only two kids were able to go see the floats.

Details on the LA County Museum float.

My favorite - when pigs fly.  Get it?  When pigs fly.

Blue boy roses are my favorite type.

The float for City of Hope.  I had the pleasure of doing some fund raising for them last year.  They are wonderful to work with.  In the background, there appears to be a building with a clock tower.  It's another float.

The float from Loyola Marymount University.  They recreated campus buildings in flower petals.  Amazing.

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