I grew up hearing about the beef dip sandwiches at Philippe's, but since I don't like soggy bread, I never made an effort to go.  Like so many people here, there are so many things that we never get around to doing.  Just this morning, I realized I hadn't been to the Griffith Park Observatory since I was in the 5th grade, and hub has never been.  We have to put that on this list soon.  A few years ago, a work friend took me to Philippe's, and we've been going back ever since.  Somehow they dip the bread just long enough to pack it full of the flavorful juice without getting soggy.  No matter what time of the day we go, the lines are always out the back door.  I always have mine with blue cheese, a pickle and coleslaw.  Waiting for you on the table are squeeze bottles full of their famous hot mustard.  I put a puddle on my plate and dip while others squirt it directly on their sandwiches.  But beware of the mustard grimace if you take too much in a single bite.

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