Should or Would


Pictures came out again this week of 40-something Stephanie Seymour at the beach in a bikini.  I was just positive that there were going to be negative comments everywhere.  Mind you, I haven't read anything written in the comments section by readers which could contain negatives; I've only read the originally published comments, and I have to tell you, I'm shockingly pleased.  Seymour is not one of those people whose body looks exactly like it did when she was modeling.  She's had four kids after all, but she looks great.  If you compare this year's pictures to last years, you can tell that she's lost weight.  She has been quoted as saying that she knew she was heavier than she wanted to be last year, and she's worked hard to lose 10 pounds.  Even with those 10 pounds, she was out on the beach in a bikini with her kids last year.  Looking at the pictures, I realized that her body last year is really similar to my body this year, and she still hit the beach.  Instead of waiting for the press to hint that she shouldn't be wearing a bikini or to print close ups of her thighs, which I haven't seen anyone do so far, I started thinking to myself, "I wouldn't wear a bikini.  EVER."  I'm really happy and proud that Seymour feels confident enough and even did so when she was heavier, but the truth is, I wouldn't personally do it.  My husband likes to point out to me that there are women who are heavier than me who do it, and I'm proud of them too, but I just won't do it.  I want to be clear though, it doesn't have anything to do with my age.  The last time I was even in a bathing suit in public was slipping into a hot tub under cover of darkness.  Prior to that was at least 6 years and 25 pounds ago.  Would I rule it out, never say never I guess.

Gucci via Bluefly

So would you wear it?  Or do you already?  

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