Sorry, Not a Fan


I recently had the pleasure of having my makeup done by Dior Beauty at Macy's in South Coast Plaza before we went to the black and white party.  While doing my makeup, the artist told me he thought I was over-exfoliating, and he recommended I cut back to only once a week.  It has made a difference already in my skin texture, and he swore to me it would help with the elasticity as well.  I've been really anxious not to undo this improvement, so I decided to try Origins' Modern Friction.

Billed as "Nature's gentle dermabrasion," it promises to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and to minimize pore size.  You apply the product to a clean, dry face and massage in a circular motion eventually adding water to lather.  I found it to have a gummy texture probably due containing rice starch.  The first few times, I felt I was using too much product, so I reduced the amount to a very minuscule dime-sized dab.  I found none of the promised aromas of lemon, bergamot or peppermint to be very apparent.  This didn't harm my skin in any way, but I found no noticeable difference in my skin.  Although it caused no damage , it would have been nice to get some improvement.  

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