Earlier this summer, the hub and I tried to have dinner at POP in Pasadena without making a reservation.  Little did we know that you have to have a reservation to get a table because once people are in for the evening, they never seem to leave.  POP started life as a champagne and dessert bar, but over time, they've added a light dinner menu.  We decided to share three small plates, shrimp wrapped in prosciutto with garlic aioli which was amazing as you can tell by the almost empty plate before I remembered to take a picture.

Sliders three ways with plain fries.  I have to admit the concept of this was better than the execution, and they were overcooked.

Fries with truffle oil and Parmesan - delish!

And truffle macaroni and cheese with onion strings on top which was creamy and smooth, but the onion strings detracted.

If you're counting, that might seem like four plates, but the truffle fries came with the mac and cheese, so I'm only counting it once.  It's dinners like these that drove me to buying new workout wear today.

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