Family Dinner


A few years ago, I went wine tasting with some friends in Temecula.  We went to a winery that had absolutely the worst wine, but they redeemed themselves by having loaves of hot sourdough garlic bread with a wheel of brie baked into the center.

When the weather turned momentarily cooler last week, I thought I would try to replicate that bread.

I hollowed out the center of a loaf of bread.

Mixed up a huge amount of chopped garlic and a cube of softened butter.

Liberally spread the garlic butter on the bread.

Sprinkled it with grated Parmesan.

I only had a triangle of brie instead of a round, so I sliced it down to fit.

And baked until gooey.

The bread was so hearty, I paired it with a green salad and skewers of wasabi-marinated shrimp.

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