Changing of the Guard


I have always been a big collector of sunglasses.  In my early 20s, I had at least 20 pair in all different shapes and colors including a very '80s pair of turquoise and black.

When I found these Coach aviators a few years ago, I immediately fell in love with them.

I had highlights in my hair at the time, and a friend told me that these golden brown beauties matched my highlights. These have been through the wringer. They are cracked, and I finally lost one of the little screws and couldn't find a replacement.  Hence the thread holding them together.  I just couldn't let go of them even though I knew I would look like a freak if I wore them like this.

The problem is, I tend to give inanimate objects a lot of credit for supplying me with comfort.  I held onto the same blanket for years as a kid-just ask my mom.  Moving this year was a feat of throw it away and don't pack it.

But sunglasses become a part of our soul.  We hide behind them.  We view the world from their protection, and these protected me a lot.  But this year has been all about change for me, kind of....

I went to the store fully intending to replace this pair with another pair of Coach aviators.  But guess what; they didn't have any in the store.  My first thought was to walk out of the store without a new pair, but then I spied these.

And I left the store without looking back.

I love how the tiny c's are hidden on the inside.  Much prettier than those ugly old aviators.  What was I thinking?  I'm getting so good at letting go.  I even threw some shoes away this week.  Okay, it was just one pair of boots.  And they were completely worn out.  But I did throw them away.

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