Not a Bathing Beauty


True confession time....

I will not wear a bathing suit in public.

This is not a recent turn of events.  I have not worn a bathing suit in public for at least 10 years.

I don't wear shorts either.

This has nothing to do with my age although that is now a convenient excuse - "You know I read in X that no woman over 40 should wear a bikini."  Yes, I know that there are other types of bathing suits, but I won't wear those either, and I hope that a conversation never goes that far.  Plus, I don't tan, so what's the use?  Why should I expose more skin and potentially scare small children?

I've always had this fear that the day I go to the beach and strip down will be the day that a fashion photographer will be there to snap my picture and publish it with the dreaded black rectangle over my face and a caption such as, "Fashion Don't - Cellulite should never be shown the light of day."

Of course, I've had that fear for the last 20 years.

This is as far as I would go.

Yes, I'm aware that I'm basically just wearing a dress, but it's "swimwear."

I hesitate to show the front because Mom has started reading the blog, and based upon her comments, I don't want to shock her.  Mom, I have a bathing suit on underneath the coverup.

Carmen Marc Valvo Swimwear

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