The Me Repeller


I have two outfits I have consistently turned to when I'm having a less than stellar week, and I just want to dress for comfort.  They are both dresses with long sweaters worn over them.  One is this suit from Max Studio.

The other is a BCBG Max Azria dress with a Max Studio sweater.

Whenever I wear these, women always love them.  The last time I wore the brown and pink, someone told me I looked "sassy."

Because these are my old reliables, I decided to take outfit shots in them.  Imagine my shock and horror looking at these pictures and realizing that these outfits are not flattering at all.  I look bumpy and lumpy in these clothes (and I'm officially on a diet now).  Ladies, what do you see in them?

These have officially become my "Me Repeller" outfits with sincere apologies to The Man Repeller.

So why do so many women like these outfits?  I'm thinking it's because we all need a few of these: the outfit that isn't sweats but is totally comfortable on a bad day when you still have to go to the office.  No, it's not body conscious or tailored, but if it gets you through the day without screaming or crying, who cares?

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  1. The first one reminds me of Eleanor Roosevelt. That's a compliment. It makes you look like a tough, no-nonsense first lady...

  2. You, I am becoming a bigger fan of everyday.


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