I Really Love Shoes


I always love to buy shoes.  There is a part of Sophie Kinsella's Confessions of a Shopaholic that truly resonated with me when I read it the first time.  Becky Bloomwood explains that she goes through phases with her purchases.  Sometimes all she buys is makeup; sometimes it's cashmere; sometimes it's bags.  I guiltily admit that I am the same way.  But I am always ready to buy shoes.  No matter the mood or what else I'm shopping for, I'm always ready to bring home a new pair.

I've been asked a lot lately how many pairs I own.  I hunkered down and started counting.

True confession time:

I own 122 pairs of shoes.

I don't know who first said it, but I'm going to repeat it.  No matter your size, no matter how you are doing on your diet, you can find great shoes.

Shoes are the ultimate accessory: you have to wear shoes.  For someone like me who has a closet full of neutrals, shoes are the way to get color and pattern my wardrobe.

Blouse: Lauren Ralph Lauren; Necklace: Homemade; Belt: Ralph Lauren; Pants: New York & Co.; Shoes: Naughty Monkey

Was I surprised at the number: yes.  When asked to guess the other day, I put the number around 60.

This is what I collect.  Some people have stamps or coins or sports memorabilia.  I have shoes.  And I use and wear them.  They don't just sit in a box.  

Am I ashamed of the number: no.  Not all of these are $1000 Louboutins.  As a matter of fact, none of them are.  I do have some expensive shoes.  The most expensive right now is probably a $500 Ferragamo.  I have a strict budget which I follow.  If I splurge on something extravagant, something else will have to be economized.

Should everyone own 100 pairs of shoes?  That's not for me to say.  If you can afford it, who am I or anyone else to judge?

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