How Do You Describe Your Style?


I have a few designers I follow avidly.  Theirs are the first collection I wait for with anticipation during fashion week.  I've already discussed how amazing I think Ralph Lauren Fall is this year.

In thinking about why I always return to those designers, I would say it's in how I think of them and how that aligns to the statement I want my style to make about me.

Ralph Lauren I always consider "classic."  Not everything is something that I see on myself, but it's a style that is going to consist of the key, non-trendy elements I expect.

I also love Louis Vuitton, and this is going to sound like such an unflattering word, but I always consider it "dependable."  I can count on Louis Vuitton.  I know there will always be a monogram bag that I like.  I know there will be amazing shoes, and blazers.

Then there is Donna Karan which is always pure "sophistication."

Chanel is "iconic" and "awe-inspiring."

My latest obsession is McQueen.  Simply "stunning," "classic" but "edgy."

I love Valentino shoes, but the clothes are usually too "fussy" or "frilly" for me.

As much as I want to love Prada, I just never do.  It's too "playful" and "young" for me; it was even 20 years ago.  Maybe I've always had an old soul.   But I have to admit that I still have my first black nylon Prada bag.

While writing this, I realized that the way I describe the designers I like the most has everything to do with how I would like to describe myself.  Maybe I can never be all of those things, but if I draw on those clothes, it gives me the confidence to think of myself that way.  Wearing Chanel does not make me iconic, but if I wear it, I can pretend I am.  We love wearing costumes when we are little, and what is fashion except acceptable costumes?  Our style lets others know something about the way we want to be perceived.  It's us letting people judge us by our covers like books.

So who are you?  What are your favorite three and what adjective would you use to describe them and you would like to describe you?  Either post the answer here or a link to your blog answering the question.

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  1. The three that I go to dependably are Michael Kors (classic American style with a twist - sorry, one word just didn't capture it), Ralph Lauren (timeless - I have Ralph Lauren clothes that I bought before my children were born, and my oldest is 21), and Lilly Pulitzer (whimsical).

  2. Michael Kors, good one. I would put him in my next tier.


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