Going Casual


Blouse: Old from H&M
Jeans: Ann Taylor
Tennies: Target
Bag: Whipping Post Tote

Update on my goals: Today's workout: Arms
                                  Water intake: 7 :(
                                  Current weight: Still 169.8 (-2.6 - I've been bouncing around all over the place)
                                  Leisure: Read Moon Over Soho by Ben Aaronovitch (A great fantasy/mystery)

Three years ago when I was working from home, I had very structured habits for getting up, pulling together an outfit, putting on makeup and doing my hair. This was probably due in large part to having to do the school drop off every morning and also because I often had client meetings on Skype or outside of the house. Now that the husband is doing the school run everyday, I find myself always reaching for very casual separates. Most of the summer that consisted of jeans and light blouses.

Now that it is cooling down here, I'm looking forward to layering and playing with casual outfits I never really had the time or the need to put together before. 

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