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I always like it when people post these kinds of posts because frankly I'm kind of nosey, and I like to see into the everyday life that we don't get to share all that often. Hope you enjoy this one, too.

I took the Julep Creme-to-Powder Eyeshadow Stick with me to France in August, and I used it every single day. Since we've returned from our trip, I just keep using it. It's that good. Great neutral color, smooth, stays put, and no glitter like so many creme sticks. I haven't noticed any creasing at all while wearing it, and it's just the simplest thing to swipe over my lids and go.

I think I was driving the family crazy waiting for the opportunity to start putting the Halloween decorations out this year. I have noticed that hardly anyone in our neighborhood has put outside decorations up, but I did put a few things outside of our courtyard gate. I'm planning to put up a post on The Bespoke Lifestyle blog sometime this week showing everything. 

Starbucks vente breve no-foam latte - my go-to drink when I'm living lo-carb. With the back and forth that has been our lives over the last few weeks with play rehearsals and performances at the school, this has been my lifeline. And another Halloween decoration peeping in the background.

Before last weekend, I had never been inside of a Sprouts before. Now I want to only shop there because look at these roses! And they have lasted longer than any flowers I've bought or been given any time in recent memory. Why spend big bucks when these are amazing. They put to shame the last batch of sunflowers I bought at Trader Joe's.

This girl is always on my favorites list. She has just blossomed even more since we moved. She has made a ton of friends, she joined the school play, made honor roll, sang the National Anthem at the Homecoming game, and went to the Homecoming dance in this Dress. If you aren't a parent, or probably more so if you are, you can be pretty shocked by the dresses that teenage girls wear to "formal" dances. I'm always so proud of the choices she makes for these things.

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