Fast Favorites / Rent the Runway, J Crew


Cape: Zara
Sweater: J Crew
Dress: ERIN Erin Fetherston via Rent the Runway Unlimited
Bag: Celine
Boots: Bella Vita 

Yes, it's March 1, and I have a picture of a Christmas tree up on my blog. No excuses, that's just how things have been going around here lately. And since we finally hit winter here only about two weeks ago, it still seems appropriate somehow, and this outfit has so many of my current favorites.

I love the concept of capes, yet every time I wear one, I do feel like I have dinosaur arms. 

We were actually out on this evening to celebrate A's acceptance to college. It was extremely pleasant going into the holidays with that settled, and it took a lot of the pressure off of her. And what better way to celebrate than with hot chocolate? Since finding out about Amorino on the Linq Promenade and hearing that it was comparable to the kind of hot chocolate we found in Paris, I had to try it. I will say it's the best hot chocolate I've ever had in the states, but it still didn't compare to Angelina. 

I absolutely love this dress and Rent the Runway Unlimited. I feel like I've been a broken record about this, but I can't say enough good things about it. And last but not least, I've had these boots and this bag for a few years and continue to wear them both constantly. I noticed that the latest version of the boots from Bella Vita has less of a platform, and the buckles are different, but I think they are just as good as the version I have. 

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