Double Red / Le Tote, Ann Taylor


Top: Splendid
Pants: Ann Taylor
Sunglasses: Prada

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I should have titled this post half and half instead of double because I really like half of this outfit and I’m just meh on the other half. Monochromatic outfits have been my go to for years, but I’m usually being all matchy matchy in all black or all grey. But lately I’ve been cleaning out the wardrobe going in the exact opposite direction of what I was trying to do when I started this blog lo these many years ago and pairing down to a more neutral set of basics. I did the color thing, and I tried, really I did, but I will always be most comfortable in black, grey, and navy blue. It’s my uniform and it’s how I see myself, so why keep trying to fight it and just go with it? 

I have decided to keep some colorful pieces if I truly love them and love wearing them. This has led me to test drive some pieces and see how I feel about them. First up was this pair of Ann Taylor pants. I love Ann Taylor. I generally know how pieces are going to fit without even trying them on. The cuts are classic, and I don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to add something fresh. Oh, and they do an awful lot of neutrals. Winning. For some reason, these red pants never really felt like they fit right, however. After this night out in them, I’ve decided to let them go.

This Splendid thermal is really soft and cozy, and I do feel comfortable in it. I’ve decided to keep it for very casual outfits or to layer in the colder weather. This is a large, and I do think I could have sized down on this one, which is the reason why this piece, although it made the cut, is not something I love.

Moving on the the things I do love, these Catherine Catherine Malandrino shoes are the most comfortable shoe ever. I picked them up at Nordstrom Rack for a steal, and I’ve had them on constant repeat ever since.

I’ve had this See by Chloe bag for years now. I even included it in a post back in 2012. It went on vacation with us to France last year where I used it as our shopping bag toting around everything from groceries to souvenirs. It’s held up amazingly well and is still going strong.

I also love my Prada sunglasses. I had bifocal lenses put into them so that I can actually see while I’m driving and can keep them on to read menus or my phone when I’m outside. Best idea ever.

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