Sweater: Loft
Dress: J Crew
Coat: Tibi
Bag: Nine West
Shoes: Steve Madden
Earrings: Vintage Dior
Necklace: Brighton

After waiting 19 months for the other shoe to drop, it dropped last night, but it didn't hit the floor.  It is currently suspended on a ledge waiting for another good shove.  Okay enough with the cryptic talk.  My company is reorganizing; I may be like so many others, unemployed soon.  We've known it was coming for 19 excruciating months.  Some days have been easier than others.  Some days it seemed like it was never going to happen because it was taking so long, and some days were painful and resulted in sleepless nights, headaches and neck tension.  Over the last week, things began to accelerate with all signs pointing to some kind of announcement coming at any moment.  Last night I received an email telling me I'm being moved back into the organization I worked in three years ago before I was promoted to my current position.  Most of my staff is not going with me, but we all still have jobs.  I honestly have no idea what my new job is, but it sounds like this is just a temporary stop for a few months while they continue to work on the org structure.  I know I'm not "safe," I know it could still happen, but I'm trying to move forward.  A lot of people have given the advice to view this as an opportunity to think about what I really want to do and to follow that path.  That, I'm finding, is not as easy as it sounds.  

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