Hair of the Pony


So I'm online looking for a hair accessory to wear to a formal work event on Oct. 29.  I have a few gripes with the whole thing.  First, it's on Oct. 29, and it has nothing like a Halloween element in sight.  Which I should appreciate because if it did, I would be complaining about the fact that I have to get a costume to wear around a bunch of people from the office.  Second, it does have a theme - Black and White.  Now, I live my life in black and white, so you would think that I would have been overjoyed when I saw the invite.  But noooooo.  I was viewing this as the opportunity to really step outside of my norm and wear something exciting.  I envisioned myself in a stunning red number.  Now, not so much. Are you getting the impression that I would have complained no matter what the theme was?  Yeah, probably.

In trying to get into the spirit of at least having something to dress up for, I decided to put something sparkly and lovely in my hair.  It's really hard to find tasteful hair accessories.  And in the middle of my hunt I found these at Bluefly.

Dolce & Gabbana green croc and pony hair heeled oxfords.  Total distraction.  I was searching with the word "hair," and this is what popped up.

Anyway, I did find this unique piece at Shopbop.

Belle Noel Egyptian Hair Chain

I think I would actually drape it across or under a low, loose bun.  Here come the holiday parties.  Are you prepared?

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  1. Thank you for your comment! I LOVE the shoes, and yeah, they're definitely distracting from anything such as hair accessory... or worse, research for a college politics essay...
    As to preparedness to holiday parties... Well, I've recently cleaned my closet and I've got a few lovely vintage formal dresses that can't wait to be worn... The only preparations I've got to do is make sure I keep off the weight (or loose a little) because the fabrics are fragile, find some accessories, and make up my mind on what I'll wear! LOL


  2. I'm sure you are going to look amazing Sophie-Marie


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