Yes, I'm 40


Being a fashion blogger at 40.  Where do I begin?

It's really not easy.

We repeatedly hear that we are the new 30.  And 30 is when you are entering your prime.  We have disposable income, and we are not afraid to use it.  But we just don't look like the 17 year-old models walking the catwalk, do we?  I mean me.  Maybe you do.

Again, it's just not easy.

It's LA fashion week, and I feel so not avant garde.  20 years ago, I was that model.  Now, I am not.  It does not help that people tell me I do not look my age.  I have had no plastic surgery.  I think about everything I put into my mouth, yet I am 20 pounds heavier than my comfort zone.  I am a size 8 when those around me are a size 4.  I have lines around my eyes and my mouth.  I am slowing morphing into chic yet aged, but I'm not ready yet.

Men my age are distinguished.  I'm just aging.

Am I happy with my life?  Unequivocally, yes.  Happier than I have been for years.  Is it different?  Yes.   Am I learning to accept this?  Not really.  So much of my life has been wrapped around my appearance.  I know it's my own perception and not that of others, but that doesn't make it any easier.

I aspire to the beauty in these faces and the joy of being comfortable with yourself.

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