Double Black / Rachel Zoe


Pants: Old but similar here
Sandals: Old but similar here
Sunglasses: Prada

So awhile ago here, I wrote about giving up on the quest to add more color into my wardrobe and going back to my comfortable and familiar color palette. That used to mean black, grey and white. However, that seemed like such a finite statement, and I felt that if I ever did wear color, like I did here, knowing the Internet, someone would call me out on it. I don’t generally care when that happens; I make decisions based on what is right for me and not anyone else, so if I do feel like wearing purple one day, I'm going to.

And it’s not as though I threw away all my clothes that weren’t black, grey or white. I did, however, go through my closet to do a little inventory, and I was actually really surprised by what I found: I don’t have nearly the amount of black clothes that I used to have, and that scares me. Like really, honestly, scared me for a moment. I just made a decision go revert back into my comfort zone, and then I felt like I couldn’t do it because I don’t have what I need. Kind of ridiculous, huh? 

I stopped myself from having the complete meltdown and started puling out pieces that I like regardless of color. I found that I really liked things in many colors when I started thinking about cut and fit. I was also really drawn to the softness of some fabrics and then there were items that fit the color palette but were uncomfortable to wear, so I’ve been avoiding them. Why have them in my closet then? 

After this little exercise, I felt a lot better about what I had in front of me, and I have items that are green and blue and pink and red. I did get rid of yellow completely. Gone. 

That being said, I put together this outfit for date night a few weeks ago, and I had amazing sandals picket out to go with it, but my ankle, which I explained here, still had other ideas. So maybe these sandals don’t quite round it out, but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do to be able to walk. 

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